Byron Center Flooring & Interior Design Contractors

Happily serving Byron Center, Michigan, Complete Flooring & Interiors provides customers with superior service and quality products for any of their flooring and interior design needs. Our Byron Center interior design specialists have the right combination of knowledge and experience to help homeowners create a welcoming home environment.

For over 27 years, Complete Flooring & Interiors has been serving clients throughout the West Michigan area. Our experienced interior designers offer the following design services:

Byron Center Flooring

At Complete Flooring & Interiors, our flooring experts combine quality home interior products with excellent customer service to help our clients find the perfect floor for their home. With superior services from our experienced flooring contractors, Complete Flooring & Interiors has established a very respectable reputation throughout West Michigan that has set us apart from our competitors in the flooring industry.

Byron Center Interior Designing

In addition to our flooring services, our interior design professionals work with homeowners to create a beautiful home interior that they can be proud of. These home interior servicesincludes kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, floor tiling, luxurious hardwood floors, vinyl floors, custom rugs, home floor carpentry, hardware, and home lighting.

If you are in need of one of our home flooring and interior design services, please contact one of our Byron Center home improvement contractors at (616) 458-4806. With financing options available, Complete Flooring & Interiors is proud to serve homeowners throughout the state of Michigan.

Our Products

We have over forty years of installation and product knowledge!